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I will start...As you can see, my name is Violet. I have watched each ep of BATB as it airs and knew right away I was going to like the show because of all the angst. I mainly write fanfics, make vids and create icons. Ok, now it is your turn. :)

Spring Finale Thoughts?

What were your thoughts on the spring finale? Did you enjoy it, hate it, find it just "okay"? Do you think it ended in a way that would justify/fulfill your BaTB void if (I sure hope not) by chance it gets cancelled?


All I have to personally say about it is how upset I am that Gabe is so jealous he didn't "win" Cat (like she's a prize?!) in the end that he actually called turned Vincent in. Okay, so that wasn't told but it's what everybody is thinking.


And another note, BaTB won E! Save One Show 2014! Comp.

Tonight's episode.

First of all, just wanted to say sorry for not updating as much as we should be!! Hopefully that will change now that I have the internet again.

Second of all, since I've already seen tonight's episode (I've been watching the Showcase episodes) I am recording it, to watch again later tonight. So, I won't tell you what happens, but it was a very good episode. Loads of Vincat moments going on, J.T. moments like always. I still think Austin (J.T.) steals the show when he's in a scene because he brings humour to the show. While the episode is on, I have a few things to do around the house (shouldn't take long) and hopefully I can get caught up on photos and things like that... since I know I've really been slacking in that area! 
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92 Icons: 15x Beauty & the Beast, 77x Teen Wolf Season 3B

Hey... :-)

I did a couple of icons again - mostly for Teen Wolf episode 3x15 (aka the last one) and Beauty and the Beast from last week (episode 2x10) - the ARE kind of spoilery but since both episodes are about 1 week old I think it's safe to post the icons :-)

Comments as always are really nice =)


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Actress: Nicole Anderson

Now that Nicole (Heather)'s new show has started on ABC Family (Ravenswood, Miranda), if you've seen it, what did you think of it? Do you think it was a good decision choice for her to leave BatB? Personally, I do. She's a main character on her new show, where as on BatB she was a supporting character so we never got to see her grow as a character or an actress.